Utilizing the ANSI Class 3 safety vest for Inclement Weather


Whether you are a railroad worker, a construction worker, a project manager, or emergency personnel who is responding to a collision, working in adverse conditions can be dangerous. In order to do your job properly, you need to keep yourself, your team safe with a safety vest.

When you are working under inclement conditions such as hail, heavy rains, and snow, it can make the job unpleasant and difficult. Not to mention that the weight of your clothing can be increased if they get completely soaked through, creating more difficulties when you are trying to work, use tools, or help your crew. If you work outside a lot, or work in an industry like construction, you should wear a waterproof hi-vis jacket during those wet, soggy days.

For instance, an emergency response team will always wear this type of jacket during heavy rainstorms and snow as they need to try and sort out the situation, but remain visible to anyone around them including onlookers like traffic.  Here are the benefits of ANSI Class 3 jackets:

1. Keeps you safe. They are made out of reflective material so that everyone around can see those wearing it in low-lighting areas. This ensures that you are kept safe, and that you can do your job correctly without others getting in the way.

2. Repels water. A waterproof reflective jacket will always repel the water so that the garment doesn’t become heavy. By keeping your workers dry, not only can they do their job better, it keeps them productive.

3. High visibility. You remain visible to those who may not be a part of the situation. This includes: traffic, bystanders, pedestrians, and other emergency personnel approaching the scene. In an industry specific scenario these people may include: agents, offsite supervisors and pedestrians.

The ANSI Class 3 high-visibility apparel with reflective tape ensures that you stand out during inclement weather conditions regardless of your job.

Utilizing the ANSI Class 3 safety vest for Inclement Weather

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