Top 5 bicycle safety tips


  With the weather getting nicer and nicer, i have got many questions about bicycle safety. As we all know, more than 1,000 people die in bike accidents every year. Apart from wearing a safety vest, here are a few reminders on bicycle safety.

1. Make sure your bike fits you properly. Don’t buy a bike that is too big because it is more likely to lose control of it and hurt yourselves.

2. Check your bicycle before riding. To see the light of the bike is all right or not; to check the brake system is flexible or not; to see the screw in the key part of the bike is loose or not.

3. Don't forget to equip yourselves with safety equipment, such as the safety helmet, reflective vest and safety kneecap etc.

4. Don't wear headphones while biking so bikers can hear everything respecting and following traffic signals even if they were put in place for cars. Never break the traffic rules.

5. Don't call or answer the phone when cycling. Always be focus on the traffic condition.

  Hope these tips can help you! By the way, if cycling at night, it is better to put some adhesive reflective tape onto the bike to make you more high visibility! Been seen, been safer.

Top 5 bicycle safety tips

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