To ride safety at night


   Many cyclist are more willing to ride at night during the hot summer. Because the weather will cool down at night and they can immediately take a shower after riding. However, some of them don't have enough safety sense. They haven't carry any reflective elements with them, even a reflective armband.

   As we all know, now many countries have issued laws to require the cyclist , pedestrian, etc to wear a clothing with reflective tape or some other reflective elements. Because traffic accident happen frequently at night. What's more, one of the most important reason is that car drivers cannot see the cyclist clearly at night. By wearing a reflective vest, it can enhance the high visibility much more. In this way, drivers can see cyclist clearly far away so that they can avoid hitting cyclist efficiently. Good news is that now more and more cyclist have already realize it. So you can always see a group of people riding with wearing reflective armbands or reflective vest or reflective sticker on their helmet.  

   Cycling is a good way to exercise. But first and most importantly is that we should keep safe while cycling. A reflective vest is a very good choice. Don't forget to bring one together with you !

To ride safety at night

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