The reflective vest is essential for winter cycling


In the winter, the bikers have to complain again. They go out a little earlier in the morning. It is still dark. On the other hand, the wind is biting, all kinds of equipment should be matched, helmet, cold gloves, windshield quilt, cotton shoes. From head to toe, fully armed!

However, it has to be said that few people have noticed one thing, that is, reflective protection. Reflective vest, reflective raincoats, even a glance cotton-padded clothes, rarely see someone wearing it at home, but in foreign countries, especially developed countries and regions, reflective protective clothing is common, like regular fashion road elementary school, to send the parcel Courier, big trucks and excavators, his master, even is aunt buys vegetables after work.

Take a reflective vest, for example, usually made of high-visibility fabric, which can make the wearer "visible" during the day. In the body section of the vest, there is often a "two horizontal", "a horizontal two vertical" or "two horizontal two vertical" several reflective tapes, which makes it has a light in the night can have very good reflection effect, under the condition of a high quality of reflective vest night retro-reflecting distance can reach more than 300 meters. When you ride a bike, the safety factor is bound to go up a lot.

Therefore, Hangzhou Chinastars advice: winter cycling to work, in the configuration of antifreeze equipment at the same time, spends a little money, then choose and buy a high quality of reflective vest, add more to his life safety a guarantee.

Reflective clothing suitable for road workers, highways department of transportation, road controllers, cleaners, municipal workers, also suitable for traveling, cycling, night running, its high reflective warning effect, can very good protection in personnel safety.

In the people's safety consciousness and reflective vest are more and more popular today. We care about not only a reflective vest, but a high quality, high effect, and cost-effective high-quality reflective vest. Let reflective vest become no longer a form, a burden, but a real life - saving magic weapon.

The reflective vest is essential for winter cycling

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