The Rainbow Reflective Material


Since reflective technology has been used in the clothing industry, many fashion items use reflective fabrics, and more and more silver clothing, bags, outdoor products have begun to use reflective materials. The presentation of reflective materials is also constantly improving, and silver is no longer the only choice for reflective designs. Rainbow Reflective Material is a new type of reflective material. At night, it is illuminated with colorful patterns and is dazzling. It provides a better choice for designers who pursue color diversity and personalization.

The reflective colorful fabric is the use of optical refraction and reflection phenomenon, through the optical coating on the glass beads design, and the use of specific substances that can produce fluorescence, so that light is reflected and reflected by different sizes of glass beads. The reflection and refraction of the specific coating material layer occur again, and the color change is achieved by the thickness of the coating material, thereby achieving a colorful reflection.

This rainbow reflective fabric is very popular with fashion designers. Not long ago, in the spring and summer high-end fashion week in Paris, almost all of Maison Margiela's entire series of apparel used this reflective and colorful fabric. Designer John Galliano also reminds everyone before the show opened that please turn on the flash and take photos. As a result, in the dark show field, the laser rainbow burst and brought everyone a fashion show that was never seen before.

In addition to the use of fashion, much outdoor clothing has begun to popularize this fabric, many people use colorful reflective fabrics to make jackets, coats, backpacks and so on. Who are even called the pedestrians on the night road? When traveling, you may need to have some cool equipment and a "street killer" to have a contactless communication and become the glimmer of the night in the South.

The Rainbow Reflective Material

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