The principle of reflective material


Reflective materials use the principle of micro-prism reflection. Everyone knows the reflection of light has to diffuse and specular reflection, so why the reflective material can reflect? In fact, this is mainly due to containing high refractive index glass beads. When a beam of light within a certain range to illuminate an Angle to the bead surface, due to the high refraction of beads concentrated on beads back surface reflector, the reflector to reflect the light along the direction of the incoming light parallel. Forming regression reflection. When many glass beads the reflection at the same time, will appear in front of the light.

The production process is as follows: the first raw material at very high temperature melting into the glass, glass through a special nozzle to form many fog droplets, these droplets under the action of surface tension, automatic forming rules of spherical, after cooling again after a certain processing, glass beads are very useful.

Driver's driving at night, due to the vehicle lighting, road lighting, high-rise searchlight and neon lights advertising, easy to cause traffic accidents. Reflective signs under the irradiation of light from the bright light are particularly eye-catching, can remind the driver pay attention to the relevant traffic information, improve the driving safety. In the rain, fog, sand and other low visibility weather, reflective material is more to highlight its value. Therefore, many developed countries regulations, road, and rail traffic signs, the front must use the reflective material.

Here it is not hard to understand, why the traffic police, firefighters, sanitation workers, construction workers, and other outdoor workers wear a reflective vest or other clothes with reflective materials. These reflective tapes or reflective marks on the clothing can effectively warn drivers to drive carefully to improve the wearer's personal safety. Our sports clothes and people who like outdoor sports are willing to wear reflective sneakers, wear reflective cycling clothes, and live in the streets. It is not hard to imagine that life - safety has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life.

This kind of magic reflective material brings many conveniences to our production and life and makes hope in our human life security and social harmony.

The principle of reflective material

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