The police brigades do security work in winter


To ensure the normal use of winter police equipment, improve police security protection, the brigade take active measures to do security work in winter equipment.

First timely allotment equipment. Equipped brigade required for the front-line duty police and auxiliary police squadron safety vest, reflective warning signs, cones and other safety equipment, traffic accident scene investigation vehicle equipped reflective warning sign, warning sign board, reflective vests, lighting and self-protection equipment.

The second is to strengthen the use of equipment. Battalion asked police on duty law enforcement, you must wear reflective vest, carrying cones, warning signs, warning tape and other security field equipment, on duty at night must wear reflective vests, turn lights and other equipment, give full play to secure protective equipment effect.

The third is to strengthen the equipment checked. Team focus on examination of police reflective vests, walkie-talkies and other equipment with a single case of police protection; patrol enforcement, accident investigation and other duty vehicle sirens lights, cones with reflective material, suggesting that with the warning signs and other protective equipment and facilities, to ensure that the equipment is complete, effective.

The police brigades do security work in winter

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