The introduction of the reflective raincoat


With the continuous development of China's economy, people's living standards have made a qualitative leap. More and more private cars have entered our lives, bringing convenience to people and bringing the safe operation of road traffic. The severe test, nowadays, whether it is a big city or a small county, the driving problems faced by drivers are increasing. Especially in the rainy days, not only must the signal indicator be clearly observed, but also the pedestrians on the road should be avoided. The rainy days affected the line of sight, making it impossible for the driver to see the pedestrians on the road. This led to many tragedies and brought misfortune to many families. After the tragedy, it is fortunate that people know why tragedy will happen. In this environment, the emergence of reflective raincoats has solved a lot of problems for people, and the safety of people traveling on rainy days has been guaranteed.

In the high-rise buildings, ordinary staff walked up and down to support the rain, and the outdoor staff must wear waterproof clothes to complete the work, such as cleaning the road, cleaning traffic police, handling road traffic. Workers wait for other people outside. Reflective raincoats Compared with ordinary ones, in addition to the basic waterproof performance, reflective raincoats are a function of dimly lit or reflective at night, which can give warning to onlookers and improve their safety factor.

The composition of the reflective raincoat is not complicated. On the basis of not changing the structure of the existing raincoat, a safety mark made of strong reflective material is provided on the front and rear upper body and the shoulder symmetry or other parts. Therefore, the raincoat can generate a dazzling reflected light through the illumination of street lamps or lights and natural light to remind the front and rear vehicles to be alert and achieve safety. At present, there are many styles of products on the market, and the utility is also relatively strong. There are rainy adults and children who are used for normal walking, bicycles, and traffic police. Most of the production workers working outdoors can also use them. I believe that more reflective material products will appear in our near future.

Reflective raincoat is a waterproof coating of Oxford cloth and a combination of high-gloss reflective strips. The high-end waterproof fabric withstands water pressure 8000MMH20. It can withstand the stormy weather. The exclusive fabric is made of high-grade and comfortable technical fabric with good waterproof. Anti-fouling, moisture permeability, using the lotus leaf's drowning principle, you can shake off the water without leaking with a slight shake; the highlight reflection is visible 300 meters away, 360 degrees to protect the wearer's safety. Such raincoats have many airports, buildings or landscaping, logistics, and transportation, etc. There are requirements for hot stamping on clothes. They can be printed on the front chest or back or hot stamped. The color of the clothes is generally recommended to use fluorescent. Yellow, such a bright color is not only beautiful but also eye-catching, loose raincoats can be used all year round.

Faced with such a wide range of applications and good market prospects, Hangzhou Chinastars Reflective Material Co., Ltd. started to research and development in this area as early as 2003. After 15 years of exploration, the company has developed more than ten kinds of reflective raincoats. In order to meet the diversity of the market, the products have been launched with a variety of reflective umbrella products. In the production process, in line with the principle of "quality first", through the layers of control, choose the best waterproof base fabric, make excellent reflective raincoat or umbrella, and effectively reflect the reflective elements and products through the most reasonable production process. The combination of the ground, the real way to waterproof, but also has a good reflective effect, in order to ensure the safety of use, the durable, reflective effect will not decrease with the use of longer time. To ensure the quality of the products, let every user use the rest assured, use the comfort, and strive to create the "CNSS" brand. In the future, the company will continue to build more and better reflective products in the spirit of not forgetting the original intention. Professional reflective material suppliers, to provide more quality products and services for the majority of users, to make greater contributions to the cause of human security protection.

The introduction of the reflective raincoat

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