The importance of reflective materials in school uniforms


Although the society, school, and parents all take the traffic safety problem seriously, it still cannot avoid the traffic accident occurrence. When children cross the road in the morning and at night, the driver cannot see them in time. Especially for primary school students, traffic awareness is relatively weak, which is more likely to happen. When students travel at night or in the dark, once they wear reflective school uniforms, drivers can see them in time to avoid traffic accidents.

Reflective school uniforms are safer than regular ones

At present, the school uniforms in primary and secondary schools in China are mainly sportswear with blue, yellow, red and other colors. While convenient for management, the school also considers how to make students more easily recognized when walking on the road. However, existing school uniforms of students are not easy to identify the driver under the dark sky. Therefore, it is necessary to make some improvements to the existing school uniforms of students. If the school uniform is affixed with reflective tape, the driver can see it in time when the student crosses the road, which can guarantee the student's safety to some extent.

The reflective materials ensure the quality of school uniforms

Reflective tape is affixed to the obvious part of the school uniform. The main purpose is to facilitate the driver to see the students while driving and avoid traffic accidents. And reflective clothing must ensure quality. Otherwise reflective school uniforms will become ordinary school uniforms. Hangzhou Chinastars reflective materials co., LTD. To ensure the quality of reflective clothing. Chinastars is a professional manufacturer of reflective fabric, which integrates the research, development, production, sales, and service of reflective materials. At the same time, Chinastars has been committed to providing global consumers with professional quality, quality stability, and fashion sense of safety protection supplies. The washing fastness and reflectivity of the Chinastars are up to the level of the industry, and the quality is far beyond European standards.

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The importance of reflective materials in school uniforms

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