The difference between three reflective products


Reflective fabric is very common in our daily life. It is better than other brands of similar products in the reflection effect, and also has a wide angle, that is, when the light from the cloth with a great view of the fabric can still achieve a great view of the reflection effect. Today I’d like to introduce three types of products which are made from reflective fabric.


1. Safety vest----the most common and popular products

The reflective vest is made of high visibility reflective material. It can make construction personnel, commanders, traffic policemen, or at night or special weather conditions successfully construct, command and duty, so as to reduce unnecessary casualties.

The reflective fabric is made by using the principle of high refractive index glass bead regression and reflection, and by the advanced process of focusing after processing. It can reflect light back to the luminescence and has the good retroreflection in the day and night. Especially in the evening, it can play the same high visibility in the daytime and make the night safe.


2. Reflective raincoat---A special design for winter and rainy days

For the winter season, this cooling is accompanied by a large wind and rain snow, which make the people out of the surprise. Overnight, people go out and do not know how to dress. Especially for those people who ride a bicycle or electric vehicle to work. So a windproof, waterproof and warm reflective raincoat is the best choice for getting out. The BMW family (the group who goes to work by bus first, then take the metro, then walk to reach the destination), the reflective raincoat is warm and safe for them.

In addition, the days are shorter and the nights are longer in the winter, and the sky is getting dark earlier and earlier. On the road, dressed in reflective clothing, it can let the driver more clearly see the passers-by, to ensure their own safety.


3. Reflective fashion clothing---A new trend for clothing

In 2017 autumns and winter fashion week, the most attractive thing is the bright and dazzling colors and glittering reflective fabric. Compared with the color combination of high-profile and complex, know by adding a shiny texture in the whole of a single product, can make the overall design much more beautiful, it is the taste that really advanced fashion essence should have.

In recent years the application of reflective materials in terms of clothing has gradually become mature, many designers will consider some of the elements such as the use of reflective materials, reflective fabric, reflective strips while designing clothing. Because these reflective fabrics can reflect In the night or dark weather, It has a strong warning and protective function.

The difference between three reflective products

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