The difference between the reflective raincoat and ordinary raincoat


The incidence of car accidents on rainy days also was reduced because of reflective raincoats. Wearing reflective raincoat can avoid the accident vehicle bump into people. The raincoat has become a safety blanket widely used on rainy days.

Reflective raincoat is a kind of traffic safety raincoat based on the ordinary raincoat. In rainy weather, people still prefer to wear raincoats to take shoulder from the rain, because they can achieve full body protection. Other rain gear, such as umbrellas, can only prevent from being water on the head in stormy weather, and clothes on the body cannot avoid. So raincoats have always been the most popular tool to use in rainy weather. However, the rainy weather is gloomy and the light is weak, so it is dangerous to walk on the road without any reflective materials. Wearing reflective raincoats is a good way to avoid this.

In cloudy and rainy days, the sky covered with dark clouds and the light is very weak, which will seriously affect visual ability. If you walk in the rain wearing a traditional raincoat, it is hard to be seen by the driver on the road.

In order to prevent this kind of disaster, people on the basis of the traditional ordinary raincoat, in front of the raincoat, the chest, limbs and the back position to join the reflective material, reflective raincoat under the irradiation of light, can reflect white lights, prevent people walk on the road on a rainy day, struck by moving vehicles back and forth.

The number of car accidents on rainy days also been reduced because of the reflective raincoat. The reflective raincoat can reflect white light from the searchlights of street lamps and vehicles coming and going, avoid the accident vehicle bump into people. This kind of safety raincoat become safety protective suit widely used on rainy days.

reflective raincoat

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