The application of reflective materials


Nowadays, it is no wonder that clothes reflect light. It's not just the casual clothes that people wear every day that often sees the application of reflective materials, even school uniforms, work clothes and so on are also added with reflective materials. It can be said that the wide application of reflective materials. This reflects people's awareness of travel safety, and the use of reflective materials is also a new fashion trend. Do you know what reflective materials are used in these reflective clothing?

Generally, the reflective vest worn by traffic police, sanitation personnel, and others are made of reflective strips and fluorescent fabrics. Fluorescent fabrics are bright during the day and serve as a good warning. Reflective tapes appear grey during the day, but reflect light when the light is shone. Why do reflective cloths glow? This is because the glass beads with high refractive index are made on the surface of the base fabric by coating or covering technology, which makes the ordinary fabric reflective.

Expect the reflective cloth, firefight reflective tapes are often used on fire protection and electrical safety products. The principle of reflection is similar to that of conventional reflective clothing, but the most important reason why it is called "flame retardant reflective cloth" is that it can be flame retardant. Using this material, when exposed to the ignition source, can reduce the flammability of the fabric as much as possible, slow the spread of the fire source, and do not form large-scale combustion.

The application of reflective materials

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