The application of reflective materials in clothing


1. The application of reflective materials in high visibility clothing

The professional clothing of road traffic workers, aviation ground crew, firefighters, sanitation workers, miners, and rescue workers is highly visible warning clothing. The reflective materials used on the high visibility warning clothing are usually glass bead type and micro-lattice type, which composed of fluorescent materials and reflective materials. Due to the dual effect of fluorescence and reflection, the wearer can form a sharp contrast with the surrounding environment under the light at day or night (or dark background), thus playing a role in safety protection for relevant employees. Countries all over the world have laws expressly stipulated that outdoor workers must wear high visibility warning clothing. The United States and European countries pay special attention to high visibility warning clothing, respectively developed the American standard ANSI/ISEA 107, the European standard EN 20471. China's railway and public security industry in the 1990s on the development of warning service industry standards, and distribution application. Other industries also have a certain degree of distribution applications, have achieved a good protective effect.  Today, warning clothing has become public security, fire, sanitation, first aid, traffic, petrochemicals, and other important industries or dangerous goods industry professional clothing, gradually become standard configuration, is the specific personnel work life indispensable personal safety protective supplies.

2. The application of reflective materials in sportswear

With the rapid development of the city and the accelerated pace of life, more and more people go out at night to take exercise and take various social activities in the outdoor, urban streets or squares and other public places. The potential safety hazards of ginseng gradually increase, and sports leisure clothing with the function of night visibility emerges as The Times require. These reflective elements of casual wear, sportswear, written to use reflective fabric cut stitching, some use thin film transfer hot, through the machine laser cutting graphics, design into different shapes of reflective patterns, some add the reflective zipper, reflective ribbon, reflective inlay or use reflective silk in local wiring. These materials are more suitable for small batch processing and production design, production constraints are relatively small, with high operability. Also, some dress is to contain common dot printing in the daytime, but it is the adornment that reflects printing actually when be illuminated in the night, the whole dress becomes kind silvery gray. These reflective clothing can not only improve the beauty and fashion of casual sports clothing but also pay attention to its recognizable functional features at night, which can well meet the display needs of the crowd.

3. The application of reflective materials in school uniforms

According to the 2013 "primary and secondary school students traffic safety reflective school uniform" national standards, primary and secondary school students traffic safety reflective school uniform refers to the light source under the irradiation, with strong reflectance performance, can significantly improve the wearer in the identification of primary and secondary school students uniforms. Clearly stipulated in the standard, uniform jacket front and back, side and back of the sleeve of the double, the sides of the trousers should be a seam (stick) reflective cloth, guarantee within the scope of the 360° from any angle can be observed traffic safety reflective reflections on the school uniform. The distance between the back seam (paste) position of the double sleeve and the cuff shall be no less than 50mm. The coat made of reflective cloth with the bamboo seam (stick), which should not be completely covered by the schoolbag. Along with the primary and secondary school student's traffic safety question more and more receives the attention, the new release GB/T 31888 "primary and secondary school student uniform" in the national standard once again mentions the reflection school uniform configuration.

With the development of society, people's living standard is gradually improved, and their awareness of safety protection is increasingly emphasized. The reasonable application of reflective materials in clothing can not only improve the beauty and fashion of clothing but also enhance the functionality of clothing. It can also play a warning role in emergency and improve the safety factor. The application of reflective materials in clothing will gradually expand with the enhancement of people's safety awareness and have a good development prospect.

The application of reflective materials in clothing

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