Several events for reflective material in past week


1. Last week 24th Nov. is US Thanksgiving Day, all Americans have holiday from Nov.23- Nov.27, and all of our US reflective material clients closed the company during the holiday time. It seems only the US and Canada has the Thanksgiving Day, but for Canada, Thanksgiving Day is in October.

Before Thanksgiving Day, I have prepared goods for all US high visibility safety garments clients, in order to expressing happy Thanksgiving and thanks for supporting in past years. It seems they liked the small gift we prepared.

But for Europe markets, they do not have Thanksgiving Day, in this case, no need to send any greetings to your clients in Europe.

2. In past week, we get updated 2017 new Oeko-Tex 100 certificate for reflective fabric and reflective heat transfer film, which the old one expired in 10.31.2016. Lots of reflective material clients ask for it in past month, finally, we got it in end of November after sending the all reflective fabric and reflective heat transfer film for test.

3. Another event in last week is that we submit stretch heat transfer film(CS-4003E), 100% polyester backing reflective tape(CSR-1303-2; CSR-1303-5); TC backing reflective tape(CSR-1303-4) and also stretch sewn on reflective tape for EN ISO 20471 certificate in US test lab, the earliest time we can get the test finished will be in middle January. 2017(include washing test, Pre-reflection co-efficient test and all clauses 6.1 &6.2 under EN ISO 20471 requirement…)

Any more news from chinastars will follow again in coming week.

Several events for reflective material in past week

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