Safety vests produce unexpected benefits


In order to reduce traffic injury, trucking company Adie Pyle has began to require employees to wear safety vest at all times since last year. Since then, the company quickly saw a big reduction in overall injuries. It improved its safety record from 41,000 hours worked between "lost-time" injuries in 2013 to 45,000 hours in 2014, and 60,000 hours in 2015. 

We always saw the safety vests at crosswalks, construction zones .In fact; it also can be used at the mine zone or firefight and so on. They are used to improve visibility and avoid collisions. Originally, it was designed to protect somebody from being hit by a forklift or by a truck. Then, it becomes more and more popular among us. Now, safety vests’ benefits go far from that. The reflective material can be more visible in dark, to remind other people to notice. For example, the firefighters always wear the safety vest when they go to put off fire. The safety vests can make them more visible when there is thick smog, so that other companion can find them and help them get out of the fire.

At same time, the safety vests also are used in the field of construction. All the workers in the construction need to wear safety vest. It reflective tape on the safety vests will make the workers more visible no matter in the rainy day or at night. Other workers or track will see them more easily and make them more safety when they are work.

Above all, we can find that the reflective vest is very useful for us. It can produce much more unexpected benefits, not only for traffic safety, but also benefits for the firefighters and construction workers.

Safety vests produce unexpected benefits

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