Safety vest keep you safer in Hangzhou haze days


   The sky is grey, the whole city is enveloped in fog, and this is typical of the ash haze weather. Pedestrian can’t be seen clearly without wearing safety vest. The beautiful city Hangzhou has continued for several days of this haze weather.

   The visibility on outdoor is very low in these days. So there will be many traffic accidents in the road, and it’s easier to cause traffic jams. It is very dangerous when we walk on the road, so we shall take care of ourselves when we go out in the haze weather. But in the haze weather, traffic police, sanitary worker, they are also need to work outside, they will wear the work clothes with reflective tape to enhance visibility to avoid the risk on road. We also can add some reflective elements to our clothes, bags, bikes, shoes, we can DIY by ourselves.

Haze will bring us many serious problems, not only the traffic, but also our health of respiratory tract and eyes. How to protect our eyes? Doctors give us some advices for reference.

1、More consciously blink of eye, let the tears often clean the cornea.

2、Reduce the time of stay outdoors in the fog haze weather days.

3、After returning from the haze weather, to wash the body skin in a timely, irrigate with flowing water eyes to reduce the bacteria, protect eyes’ health.

4、Not to wear contact lenses in heavy fog days.

5、When you feel your eye not well, don't to rub it, eye drops can be used to eliminate inflammation, relieve discomfort, prevent eye diseases, ensure the eye health.

6、we shall drink more water, pay attention to light diet, eat less excitant food.

    Not only for eyes, please also take more care about the road safety, wearing a reflective vest when you need to go out in heavy fog days.

Safety vest keep you safer in Hangzhou haze days

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