Safety requirements on students uniform in China


Below are the brief technical requirements for students' reflective uniform to protect them when on the roads to School or back home.

1. Basic safety requirement

Comply with GB18401 requirement

2. Quality requirement

Comply to FZ/T 81003 or GB/T 22854 requirements

3. Reflective coefficient requirement

A. Reflective coefficient should be higher than the requirements of GB 20653-2004 table 4 before washing

B. The reflective fabric's reflective coefficient should be higher than 100 cd/lxm2 at entrance angle 5° observe angle 12' after 50 washes.

C. The reflective fabric's reflective coefficient should be higher than 100 cd/lxm2 at entrance angle 5°observe angle 12' after friction, crimping, low temperature testing.

4. Reflective fabric design requirements

A. Location requirements: The reflective tape should be applied on the front & back of body, front & back of the sleeves, double sides of trousers to ensure 360° visible. The reflective tape distance from the cuff should be higher than 50mm. The reflective fabric on body back can't be covered by backpacks.

B. Reflective fabric size requirement

Effective width should be wider than 20mm, the total length of the reflective fabric should 230% larger than the trousers length.  

5. Reflective fabric production method requirement

A. Sew on tightly if using reflective fabric

B. Heat transfer tightly if using reflective heat transfer film

reflective school uniform

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