Reflective vests ensure you a happy riding


Cycling can make people in contact with nature. When the designer Simon riding in winter, he found that many riders choose outdoor winter riding jacket or down jackets as the riding clothing. But the traditional down jackets have fatal defects: version of the design and the presence of perspiration. They influence riding experience. With these questions, the designer Simon began to design a unique reflective vest. Three years later, a unique jersey emerged. It becomes the best partner with riders in winter.

This jersey on the basis of the traditional jacket, make some improvement and innovation. The overall use of triple fabric, windproof outer fabric, the middle filled with vacuum cotton, inner heat reflective fabric. Details of the deal, zippers, anti cursor, cuffs and other design are all unique. In addition to functional fabrics and details of the design, another great feature is the casual version of type; you can wear the jersey ride to work, to the office without having to change clothes. You can also ride in the streets dressed in riding clothes, after parking, leisurely walk into a coffee shop, do not tangle whether it will provoke a strange look.


This jersey greatest feature is the warmth, the fabric can withstand a temperature of -15 ℃, and the outer layer of windproof fabric also has a waterproof function, encountered snow weather also no pressure. And the reflective tape makes people easy to see. So we have such a jersey we can also make a pleasant ride in the winter.

Reflective vests ensure you a happy riding

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