Reflective vests and reflective materials


The scorching sun is hot, but we can still see that the staffs working in the front line are wearing reflective vests at work. Some people may think why they should wear reflective vests in such hot weather. The main reasons for wearing reflective vests are as follows:

1. Alert others. In the outdoors or on the road, the light is too dark to make people feel that you will have safety dangers. For example, if you are being lost at night, reflective strips on your clothing can help rescuer quickly find you. Light reflection on the road can also make the driver feel your presence, and to avoid car accidents.

2. Avoid security risks. Some construction workers mistakenly believe that wearing reflective helmets is not necessary, so they don't wear safety helmets often. In essence, wearing reflective safety helmets is not only responsible for themselves, but also for family members. Reflective helmets can protect the construction workers working at night to a certain extent, and can also damage the human head from external forces.

3. Improve the safety factor. Some people like to go for a walk at night. At this time, reflective clothing will greatly improve the safety factor. This reflection is very bright when it is visible to the naked eye. If you are driving, you can obviously see reflective material in front and rear. The pointing signal, like on a highway, is noticeable when it is reacted by night light. This is why the sanitation worker's uniforms made with reflective fabrics. This can improve their safety factor to some extent.

I believe that through the above, we have a clear understanding of the importance of reflective materials in life, and sincerely hope that through reflection, we can bring safety and protection to anyone in need. Below is a news about the application to the reflective material:

On September 11th, the first batch of school children's reflective schoolbags free distribution ceremony was held in the nine-year-old school in Tashan Township, Lianshan District, Huludao City. More than 100 students received reflective schoolbags. Next, the Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Safety Administration will gradually distribute reflective bags for more than 8,900 children along National Highway 102 to build a safety barrier for children's schooling.

In recent years, the safety of primary and secondary school students, especially the safety of rural students, has attracted more and more attention. According to statistics, 70% of traffic accidents occur in rural areas every year in the province. The daily traffic accidents are from 17:00 to 19:00, which is the time for students to go home after school.

Safety first, prevention first. In order to eliminate potential hidden dangers, since 2015, the Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Safety Administration has distributed four batches of 30,000 students who are along the national highways 101, 102 and 201 for free to print the words "Please see me" reflective vests. While enhancing students' self-prevention and self-protection awareness, they also warn drivers on the road to pay attention to the children walking on the roadside. This move has been well received by schools, parents, and people from all walks of life.

Following the traffic safety management concept of "being seen and being safe", on the basis of reflective vests, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau jointly developed and designed the "Please see me" pupils' reflective schoolbags this year, and still distribute them to students free of charge. Reflective tapes and reflective patterns are added to the front and sides of the reflective bag, which not only has a reflective effect in the night but also in daylight.

Reflective vests and reflective materials

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