Reflective vest protects against accidents


In winter, the risk of accidents for pedestrians and cyclists increases. The reason: In the dark, they are not seen by drivers, especially if they are wearing dark clothes. However, very few are aware of this.

Anyone walking darkly as a pedestrian or cyclist at night or on winter afternoons lives dangerously. Because motorists are often not recognized or recognized too late. Experiments show that pedestrians dressed in dark are only seen from a distance of 25 meters in poor visibility conditions. The fatal point: at a speed of 50 km/h allowed in a city, a car only comes to a stop after around 28 meters, even when braking hard - and that is often too late. The professional association for food and hospitality recommends in a current message that it is imperative to wear light-colored clothing or even signal vests in poor visibility conditions.

Reflective materials protect in the dark

With bright clothing, pedestrians and cyclists are recognized from a distance of around 80 meters. The safest are garments with reflective materials such as reflective tapes that can be attached to the arms and legs, or special vests. They are seen from up to 150 meters.

The expert also draws attention to the increased danger in the winter months. Schoolchildren in particular should wear clothing with reflective material in autumn and winter. This increases visibility on the way to school and helps drivers to recognize students earlier on the road even in the dark.

Lighter clothes are better than dark ones

The expert recommends that trousers, jackets, and school backpack be equipped with reflective materials over a large area. There are reflective strips in specialist shops - they are sewn on or ironed on. Flashing lights have the advantage that they can be removed at any time and used for several items of clothing. The brighter the reflection, the better it is. White and silver reflectors are more visible than green or blue ones. Even light-colored clothing can protect road users from accidents.

Reflective vest protects against accidents

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