Reflective vest protect you to climb Beijing tallest building


Last year,there are some 800 runners from more than 20countries came to Beijing to climb China World Summit Wing. Since July, this fun challenge has begun to register. This challenge need all participates to start at the tower's ground floor lobby and do their best to ascend 82 floors, and then get to the helipad on the rooftop by staircase.

In order to assure the safety of the athletes, there are many reflective tape on the steps. This reflective tape can reflect light in the dark to assure the athletes' safety. At the same time, all the athletes need to wear reflective safety vest or put on coat with reflective materials. By this way, we can easily find the athletes in the dark when they run into danger or get into trouble. To hold this activity safely, we fully dedicated to it with a keen eye for detail.

To climb building, it sounds seems to be easy, if you also think that, you are wrong actually. In fact, it's not as intimidating as it sounds. Last year, most amateur runners finished the climb in 15 to 40minutes. The fastest male elite runner, Piotr Lobodzinski, who comes from Poland, only took 9 minutes and 53seconds, successfully, defending his title from last year.

If you are able to finish the 2041 steps and 330 meters, you will see some stunning views of Beijing's skyline. It sounds very nice.  We also do our best to protect you, you will experience the reflective material, and this material is not the same as you can see in the daily life, so you will be safe in this activity. So if you want to experience this pleasure, you need to register as quickly as possible, we are waiting for you. By this activity, you will get a lot.

Reflective vest protect you to climb Beijing tallest building

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