Reflective vest inspire better safety gears


From dusk to dawn, cyclists in dark clothing are nearly invisible to the drivers who on the road with high speed. And even though most of riders might think that reflective safety vest is a good idea for visibility, actually few of them wear it, in part because of how it looks.

One of our customers once said:” In the cities I’ve cycled around the world, there was always a lack of designed, interesting reflective clothing. There’s nothing for design-conscious people to be able to wear what they would normally wear, and then just have something to protect them when they’re on the road.

For this reason, the designers of our company start to come up with a new reflective fabric which makes more options for reflective gears, and makes them look less like construction worker accessories. People like to wear reflective clothing made up of this fabric more than normal/ classic reflective vests.

CNNS produced 4 type of reflective fabric: Perforated reflective fabric for outdoor clothing, Silk Ultra Soft Nylon Reflective Fabric for Clothing, High visibility customizable colored reflective tape, and Super thin reflective spandex fabric for outdoor wear. Our colored reflective fabric has various colors, such as gold, green, purple, brown, black etc. Our R&D center can develop new colors as per customers' demand as well.

The reflective fabric has already been made into reflective vest, reflective jackets and toys, and we are continuing design more clothing, pants, or accessories made of reflective fabrics. We are also willing to listening your opinions or comments about our products. You can also customize your products. We can make them for you according to your ideas.

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