Reflective vest for outdoor safety


With the rapid development of traffic roads, the number of people performing operations on outdoor roads is increasing. Many small towns and small counties are slowly entering the prosperous roads. The difference between urban and rural areas is getting smaller and smaller, and more and more people will take a walk and do activities such as exercise and square dance in outdoor city streets and square public places in the evening. In this context, it is necessary to have a material that is engaged in road construction work at night or on other people's clothes for outdoor activities, so that the clothing is reflected under the illumination of the light to remind the motor vehicle driver. The discovery serves as a warning to ensure the safety of the pedestrians on the road.

Recently, many domestic manufacturers have begun to put a reflective vest on the newly-launched motor vehicles. The main purpose is to ensure that the driver can wear a reflective vest to protect himself and reduce the chance of accidents when he gets off the cars. Thereby achieving the role of safety warning. Reflective vest with reflective materials, first used in road traffic management, service personnel professional clothing, such as traffic police, sanitation workers, road construction personnel. The work clothes with reflective performance are usually made by sewing some reflective materials on the outer surface of the garment or can be blanched to the surface of the garment to achieve a reflective effect. This reflective garment made of retroreflective material is called high visibility warning clothing. Depending on the warning service. The high-visibility warning suit has become a special occupational protective garment for road traffic management and service personnel. Personnel and pedestrians working on the road must strengthen their safety. Therefore, high-visibility warning clothing is the preferred protective clothing. A person wearing a high-quality warning suit can let the driver discover his presence hundreds of meters away, no matter day or night, and react to take measures to avoid accidents. The professional high-visibility warning suit can visually represent the wearer's presence. The fluorescent fabric and reflective material used ensure the wearer's visibility under any lighting conditions during the day and nighttime headlights. When a dangerous situation occurs, the driver can find someone earlier and more timely, so that there is enough time to take brakes or avoidance actions to avoid traffic accidents.

Reflective materials used in high visibility warning suits are typically glass bead and microcrystalline, consisting of a base material that is striking in color and retroreflective material. Because of its dual effect of fluorescence and reflection, the wearer can form a clear contrast with the surrounding environment under the illumination of the daytime or nighttime, which is clearly visible, so that the driver has enough time to stop or take evasive action, which is more effective. It plays a role in security protection for employees.

The color of the fabric used in the high-visibility warning service is mainly for the eye-catching effect during the day. It is commonly used in three very striking colors: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, and fluorescent red. Reflective materials can be used for the safety protection of professionals. For example, reflective strips, reflective films, and reflective signs also provide safety for outdoor athletes, pedestrians and cyclists. At the rescue emergency site, reflective materials ensure that emergency personnel, firefighters and police officers are visible in smoke, rain and dark places. Reflective clothing made of reflective fabric is also widely used in the field of traffic safety. Traffic management personnel, firefighters, road officials, road construction and cleaning personnel in China have used this type of clothing as part of their work clothing. Providing an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and safe safeguard for human activities and life. Therefore, the extensive and promotion of advanced retroreflective materials can greatly improve the safety conditions of human travel.

Reflective vest for outdoor safety

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