Reflective vest designs for different countries


As we all know, a reflective safety vest is very important for the people who need work outside and expose themselves most of the time on the road, such as traffic police, sanitation worker etc.

Since this kind vest with reflective tape plays a very important role in increasing the high visibility and avoiding traffic accidents which are caused by low visibility. Therefore, many countries have issued the laws to ensure the vest's quality such as EN20471, ANSI 107, AS/NZS etc, which means that if a safety vest is for professional using, then it must meet EN20471 standard if you want to enter the European Market. But if you want to enter the North American' market, and then must conform to the ANSI requirement. But ANSI requirement and EN20471 requirement has some different. One of the most important differences is that the vest with 110gsm mesh fabric cannot meet EN20471 standard but it can meet ANSI 107 requirement. The other is that ANSI requires that the vest design must has the vertical reflective strips on the fluorescent fabric, but EN20471 hasn't required it, as long as the fluorescent fabric area can reach at least 0.5㎡ and the reflective area can reach at least 0.2㎡.

So when buyers decide to import this kind hi vis vest, he or she must know that what's their target market and corresponding laws for it also what's the application of the vest, for professional using or non-professional using, using sew-on reflective tape or reflective heat transfer film? If you are not very familiar with it, then Chinastars will be your best choice. Our professional salesman will help you!

Reflective vest designs for different countries

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