Reflective tapes in Grassland


Hulun Buir Grassland has more distribution of animal husbandry on the both sides of the highway. Due to the good roads with much land and few people, the vehicle speeding phenomenon is more serious. Car and livestock collision accidents often occur, especially at night, because of the poor sight without any reflective material signs.

Every June to August is the tourist season; self-driving travel fans are pouring in thick and fast from all over the world. Due to over speeding and the driver is not familiar with the grassland characteristics that there are free grazing of livestock on both sides of the road, car and livestock collision accident is more multiple. To this end, the police invented the reflective tapes on the horse's neck and the reflective boards hang on the cattle’s ear by getting inspiration from the reflective vests. Not only for its invention, have they also helped to wear one by one and to explain to herdsman that they should bear the legal responsibilities when their livestock cause any damages on the road.

In addition, the police in safety vest work in-depth along the road to register the number of livestock and branded with the mark, which can be easy to verify the ownership of livestock when the accident has happened.

Reflective tapes in Grassland

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