Reflective tape - what is it and why


Reflective tapes used in the tailoring of overalls, for contour marking of vehicles, marking of the territory, and slings are used for tailoring of belts and sportswear. Today we will get acquainted with the details of this unique product, and how we can apply it in our lives.

Reflective tapes are produced in skeins of 100 meters and a width of 2.5 to 4.5 cm, depending on the application, the tape differs in variety.


For fabric - the tape is made of polyester or cotton, it is elastic and easily sewn to any fabric, this is mainly overalls;

For marking - this tape has weather resistance, is used for marking the territory, perfectly glues to glass, iron, plastic and PVC surface;

For contour marking - marking the dimensions of trucks and other equipment. You can choose a suitable color, orange or red;

Reflective tape is the basis on which a special reflective layer is applied.

There is also a retro-reflective effect, it acts with the help of glass microspheres, that is, it captures, and then returns light rays. For its operation, it is required, as it were, light recharging, periodic exposure to light.

These materials are mainly used for sewing special clothes, which means compliance with quality standards is very important. It is imperative to be resistant to mechanical and chemical influences, to a very low and high temperature, tearproof.

It is very good that there are different colors of ribbons, you can choose a ribbon that is suitable in width and color to the clothes. In ordinary daylight, they do not distinguish a person, but in the dark or just in a zone of poor visibility, it is easy to find.

In addition to the tape, edging is also used. Compared to ribbons, it is narrow and is inserted into the seams. It acts like a tape reflector.

There is another reflector, this is a sling, which is made of durable, dense fabric with an insert of reflective thread. It is used for the manufacture of slings, belts, handles for bags and backpacks, outerwear and sportswear, uniforms, children’s and equipment.

Reflective and self-adhesive tapes are used by the application method for the manufacture of traffic signs, on a bicycle, it is also possible to apply, stick reflectors to the wheel rim.

Reflective accessories are widely used: blanks, bracelets, and stickers.

Having become acquainted with this material, you will be able to determine in which area of ​​your life it will be possible to use them in the right way.

Reflective tape - what is it and why

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