Reflective tape placed to reduce traffic accident


New reflective tape placed on traffic lights in effort to improve the road safety situation.

According to the Highway Administration, nearly 900 people are killed every year in intersection accidents because of the motorists ignoring the red lights and not wearing safety vests.

Some traffic lights in the area have a new look as part of a project by the Department of Transportation.

The reflective warning tape is placed around several traffic signals. The outline is meant to make the signals more visible to drivers. The reflective tape increases visibility of the signal heads. It’s also helpful for those who are color blind, as red and green can be difficult to differentiate.

The Department of Transportation is planning to first install 3-inch reflective warning tape on traffic signal back plates. The warning tape installation cost $1,500 per intersection and took two hours per intersection to complete.

Government reported in 2008 after first installing the warning tape that accidents were reduced at three test intersections from between 19.7 percent and 38.9 percent and that late night to early morning crashes were down between 31.8 percent and 85.5 percent.

It's a great idea to require the motorists to wear the safety vest to reduce the number of crashes.

The reflective material was placed around the edge of the lights to outline them so as to make them more visible to drivers, with which you can see them a lot better at night.

Reflective tape placed to reduce traffic accident

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