Reflective safety tape illuminate in the dark


Reflective tape non-compliance, it has become the main reason for the rear-end accidents at night. Wearing reflective vests Chengdu high-speed traffic police said, analyze the vehicle after the accident, involving a truck rear-end accidents at night, most of the truck reflective logo does not meet the requirements. Safe driving at night in accordance with standards to prevent nighttime vehicle rear-end, side and rear of the truck should be pasted reflective tape. However, many drivers in order to save costs, purchase fake reflective tape. These reflective tape, and ultimately lead to frequent fatal accidents.

In January 20, 2013 in the evening, two trucks rear-end on the Chengmian high-speed Luojiang Jinshan segment, killing five people.

In July 21 early morning, on YongKang Road, two large truck rear-end, one person died.

In July 26 early morning, on the outside of Ring Expressway in Chengdu, a pickup truck rear-ends a large trucks and small truck one person was killed.

In August 16 early morning, on Tianfu Avenue, a large truck rear-ends a car, the car one death.

September 1, 2012 start of the "safe operation of motor vehicles technical conditions", according to the requirements of the truck stick reflective tape already explicit.

The traffic police said, the truck, the trailer is not accordance with the provisions of sticking reflective tape or reflective material, the traffic police will fine 200 Yuan punishment.

Reflective safety tape illuminate in the dark

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