Reflective riding vest


Nowadays, more and more people like to ride bicycles, but any vehicle has certain risks. If you do not pay attention to personal outdoor safety protection, you may incur traffic accident injuries. So what do you need to pay attention to when riding a bike? We recommend the necessary equipment for riding.

1. Riding helmet

When riding a bike, no matter what section of the road, everyone has the possibility of falling. Helmets use could prevent nearly ninety percent of the proportion of head injury cause permanent brain damage or death, but the helmet is disposable equipment, because in any collision of a high strength, high-quality helmet typically shattered or broken due to absorbing a lot of impacts, of course, even after the impact, on the surface helmets will be a problem, but internal damage will not be able to protect your head with a valid at the time of the next hit, so advice collided in helmet to replace in a timely manner.

2. Reflective vests

Wearing the reflective riding vest is not all about looking good. What's more important is for safer riding. Reflective tape on the cycling suit will stand out when exposed to light at night or in a dim environment, which can improve the safety of cycling.

3. Cycling glasses

Eyeglasses can block a lot of dust and prevent bugs, flying stone and mud from entering your eyes and affecting your ride. At the same time, resinous lenses of cycling glasses can effectively protect the eyes and nearby faces from pokes or bruises during accidental falls.

In the holiday, everywhere shuttle "reflective cycling clothing" to add a smart city and passion. Of course in the while that exert passion heartily, small make up want to remind everybody here, spring climate is changeful, fresh warm return cold, in cycling process do not take off at will reduce clothing, the body feels slight heat when reduce clothing to be advisable, avoid by all means big perspiration hind takes off clothes to rest in wind, such very easy catch cold. Finally, I hope you can have a happy cycling trip at any time!

Reflective riding vest

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