Reflective riding suit - guarantee rider safe


Bike Riding is became more and more popular for young people, but riding safety always bothers most people, especially at night. We found that many bike riders choose traditional jacket as the riding clothing. In order to reduce the risk of riding at night, the designers design a unique riding jacket by reflective fabric, this reflective riding suit can make the vehicle to see the riders from 300 meters away, avoid riding risk effectively. It will be the best partner with riders at night.

This reflective riding suit on the basis of the traditional jacket, make some improvement and innovation. Reflective material is the important role of this development.

It is reported that about 19,000 cyclists are injured in car accident every year, and we think it is better to care about how to avoid car accident. Hangzhou Chinastars Reflective Materials Co., Ltd. will be committed to improve the safety factor of the road and to reduce the accident. Because the reflective materials can make people be seen easily. At present, many cyclists wear this riding suit with reflective tape to reduce the risk of riding at night. Hangzhou Chinastars Reflective Materials Co., Ltd. also said: we will be committed to the research and development of reflective materials to reduce the risk of night travel.

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