Reflective raincoat protect the deliverymen


Nowadays, the Take-Out Service is very popular. Almost everyone has used it. But there is a big problem which is troubled by lots of people when it is a rainy day. Should we use the take-out service for food? It was mentioned in the past that some people have mentioned this problem, and the respondents think that the takeaway food is made up in the rainstorm days, and it is more profitable than usual, so we can order takeout in rainy days. Even so, it is really a hard and dangerous job to get takeout in a downpour.

On the other hand, when we order the food, we most afraid of the food is getting wet from the rain or take out deliverymen accidentally fell down and the food spilled. A few days ago someone photographed a take-away deliveryman in the heavy rain day fell down, he used his body to avoid wetting the food which moved lots of people. Meituan delivery is certainly worth thumb up, which is not only responsible for the work, but also for the consumers. The most responsible thing for consumers is not to apologize after the event, but to avoid accidents from the start.

So, I suggest that when it rains, the deliverymen should wear a reflective raincoat which is made of reflective material. You should also wear a reflective vest or reflective clothing at night. Take responsibility for yourself to be more accountable to the consumer, and make it safer for you to take-out. In fact, the takeaway deliverymen can feel everyone's tolerance and understanding, only the riders and consumers understand each other, can realize the win-win situation.

Reflective raincoat protect the deliverymen

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