I believe that many people have an understanding of the reflective cloth, but the reflective PVC tape sounds slightly strange. Below will explain some of the knowledge of the reflective PVC tape. The PVC tape series consists of various specifications, color reflective PVC sheets, and white. It made of PVC, use micro-lattice technology to produce excellent reflection, with higher reflective strength and gloss, excellent rain performance and easier coloring.

Reflective PVC tape is generally suitable for reflective vests, tooling, casual sportswear, bags, shoes, and hats, because of product color, variety of lines, and a wide range of applications. To improve the visibility of the wearer in the daytime or dim conditions and provide better security effect. It can be sewn into like clothing, backpacks, hats. It has good reflective effect and strong warning function and plays a very strong warning role. Reflective materials are most effective at night, sight or visually unfavorable environment, thus giving everyone a safety guarantee. Reflective PVC tape also has good resistance to aging, abrasion, and washing. Can be used for water washing, industrial washing or dry cleaning, not easy to fall off, after repeated washing, still can maintain the original reflective effect of more than 75 percent. It is a good safety guarantee during the day and night, especially in the dark night or in the case of poor visibility. As long as there is a weak external light, this reflective material can exert excellent reflective performance. Such high-brightness safety clothing involves the police, sanitation, fire, port, and transportation, providing strong and powerful guarantees for road traffic safety, outdoor operations, and related industries to ensure the safety of life!

The reflective PVC tape generally has various shapes such as W-shaped and V-shaped. Due to its special anti-rain property, it is especially suitable for safety warning clothing for road construction, traffic police, and other open-air operations, and plays a role of safety warning.

Maintenance Guide: It is recommended to use a neutral detergent for hand washing. Do not use hot water above 40℃ to avoid long-term soaking. It is not recommended to dry the machine and prohibit exposure, dry cleaning, and bleaching.

There are lots of people who may have some doubts about the reflective PVC tape. Maybe you will ask the temperatures of cold-resistant reflective lattice bars can withstand zero? What is the principle of reflection? How many times can I wash?

Chinastars conventional cold-resistant lattice can withstand about 10℃ below zero. If customers have higher requirements for cold resistance, they also have a lattice band with a resistance of minus 30. Reflective materials also called retro-reflective materials, with thousands of heights per square centimeter. The refracting glass beads reflect the light back to the source as it is, allowing the observer near the source to see the target clearly. The study found that the bright silver reflective cloth can be found by motor vehicle drivers 300 meters away. According to the requirements of the international washing standard ISO 6330, the water temperature is 60℃, the reflective fabric can be washed 25 times and the brightness of the reflective cloth is greater than 100 cd/lx.m².


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