Reflective promotion time is coming


Reflective products' time is coming! Safety vests are not the only choice to be seen in the dark day, now the reflective products are also popular. Let's talk about some useful reflective promotions.

1.Reflective umbrella

Reflective umbrella made of reflective printed cloth, reflective part of a wide variety of patterns, stars, flowers, as well as children's favorite little devil eyes. On a rainy day, with a reflective umbrella, pedestrians are more likely to be seen by drivers and riders to avoid unnecessary harm.

2. Riding reflective poncho

Nowadays, most people use electric cars in China, then the rainy day will inevitably need to use the poncho, traffic accidents also often happen on a rainy day, in order to improve visibility, the reflective poncho is a good choice. The visibility of the reflective poncho is about 100 meters under the illumination of the headlight, which plays a warning role to the driver, so as to avoid the danger of a car accident caused by the emergency brake.

3. Reflective pendant

There are many bags, do you want bags to be more features, more personality? That's right. Reflective toy pendants with a reflective cloth will meet these requirements, regardless of which bag is taken will be seen on the way on the night.

4. Reflective wristbands

The reflective material of reflective wristband is a reflective lattice. There are steel, elastic, velcro three types to choose from. For the students who like to play basketball, it is easy to see you by your team!

Above four reflective products can be customized, come take a look which is most suitable for you!

Reflective promotion time is coming

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