Reflective printing heat transfer vinyl


If you attend some outdoor shows and also see some fashion shows no matter in China mainland or overseas, you will find more and more reflective printing fabric to be used on outdoor garment and fashion design garments by famous brand in the world, like rainbow reflective fabric, which was made into fashion garment in one famous show months ago. With the light flash on the jacket, it reflects colorful light, looks like a rainbow, very attractive. It is said that this garment is designed with one famous designer. From this matter, we can see even world famous brand focus on reflective elements on their clothing, another famous yoga clothing "lulu lemons", for the training garments, do with reflective printing elements on the pants. Not only tendency for China local market it is always the whole world's tendency, Chinastars as one professional reflective material manufacturer in China, always put eyes on the international market and get some idea how to improve the products we have and also developing some new products.

Chinastars reflective material Co., Ltd does have rainbow printing reflective fabric both in polyester and TC backing and also heat transfer film in our products line. Some of the clients pointed out polyester backing rainbow reflective fabric we have to hand feeling is much more tough, not feel very soft, if you want to use it out shell as one garment, hand feeling is better to have much more softly. Under the requirement, chinastars technical team adjusts some formula and made it much softer. If you need some sample, please feel free to contact us, we can arrange some samples for your testing.

In the past, most of the time we focus on how to improve the quality of traditional reflective material for PPE, like stitch reflective tape, heat applied heat transfer film and also how to resolve color difference for silver color reflective parts. Now of course, the reflective material for traditional garment, like safety vest, T-shirt, jackets, rainwear still goes on well and at same time back 2 years ago Chinastars technical team already started reflective printing fabric research and developing from some simple logo, like bone, heart, small dots, we used it printed on 190T polyester backing fabric for umbrella, make umbrella reflective, which can keep you easily to be seen when you are walking in night time on the way.

And also try to printed on different kind of backing fabric to see which one is best, with lots of testing in our own test lab, like washing resistance test, tear resistance, reflection quality test, lots of the time failed, but they still continue, with continuing hard working, at last, we make it successful, it become one of the regular products we have and one of the popular products among all of our products now.

More and more clients order reflective printing fabric to be used on high visibility workwear and also outdoor jackets. We have some available patterns to be chosen and also if you want to have your own pattern, just show the clear artwork you needed, we can make the logo according to your pattern.

If you want to save some cost, you can add reflective printing elements on shoulder, hem, sleeves, collar, cuff, and even pockets to make the jackets reflective and keep you safe in a dark area or hiking on the mountain.

Even reflective printing fabric is much more popular now, considering one new pattern model set up charge (since it is not the same as traditional silk printing, model set up charge will cost around $1200.00 which is too higher for some of the clients if they do not have much more demand of the request and could not choose the patter we have which can save some model set up charge), at same time, some of the clients will be pointed out if they buy finished reflective printing fabric from Chianstars directly, unit price is higher compared to regular textile products. and some of the overseas clients do not have any fabric supplier in China if they want to do reflective printing on their own backing fabric, ship fabric to China market, which means it will cost high Custom import taxes and also taxes for China local market. Too much cost for one-meter fabric.

Based on the special requirement, Chinastars under developing reflective printing heat transfer vinyl, we made the pattern on regular reflective heat transfer vinyl, clients can choose the pattern they like, and order the procedure is same as regular heat transfer vinyl we have, like CS-4003, CS-400E. With correct operations, pressure, dwell time on, you can transfer the logo on your backing fabric directly. In this way, you can save a special pattern set up charge and get fashion reflective elements on your garments, a T-shirt, bag, vest, and even shoes.

Chinastars technical team under developing some popular patterns now, it does not go on well according to the sample, but for each new product, it will take some more time for even one year, 2 years get it to be the mature one.

Reflective printing heat transfer vinyl

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