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The dog is our human's best friend, as the owner, we should give it the warmest care! Every time I take my pet for a walk, he always runs around happily. However, with so many cars on the road, how can a dog walk more safely on the road? Chinastars reflective vest will solve this problem for you!

Reflective dog vests are tailored to fit the body of a dog. The owner wears clothes for the dog just because good-looking times have passed, now we pay more attention to reality, the safety of the dog is the king! This reflective vest for dogs is designed with reflective flanges, which greatly increases the difficulty in production and makes the appearance more beautiful and generous. Dog footprint pattern is also made of reflective material refined so that the dog has a layer of reflective protection. Whenever you go out with your baby, as long as you put on this reflective vest, I believe it will become the focus of attention.

How can a reflective vest protect your dog? The reflective vest can play a strong warning role, especially in the dark conditions can be issued more eye-catching signs, play a warning and easy to find the role of night traffic accidents in the wild, night field lost and construction personnel own safety has played an obvious protective role. It plays a special role in the production and life of human beings, especially in traffic engineering. Reflective dog vest is specially made for dogs, very suitable for the body curve of the dog, let the dog walk on the road safer!

Most people can only use the time after work to get along with the dog, in order to make up for the neglect during the day, the evening walking time of the dog seems to be precious. However, walking the dog at night requires extra care. We can prepare several tools in case of emergency. Please check as below:

A reflective material traction belt:

The pull belt of this kind of traction belt is covered with super reflective material on the surface, which can strongly reflect the strong light of the car and remind drivers to be careful about pets.

Reflective raincoat:

Autumn rain frequently, rainy night walking the dog is a relatively comfortable thing, give your dog to wear a reflective raincoat and safe. Raincoat surface due to the role of reflective materials, so that the dog's shape will be obvious in the rainy night.

The LED light emitting tag or collar:

LED lighting allows drivers of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to clearly see the dog's whereabouts; in safe areas, owners can also let their dogs move freely, with a bright collar as a signal light to show exactly where they are.

Let the dog play in a safe place:

It is the nature of dogs to like freedom and exercise. Sufficient exercise can relax their body and mind, enjoy happiness, and relieve loneliness and loneliness, which is not only conducive to their physical and mental health but also cultivate a good personality. You can choose an empty place with no pedestrians and let them run and play with their partners. If there is a dog walk area in the community, it would be great if there is a closed fence around it to prevent the dog from getting out of the ring. If not, please see the owner must take good care of the dog, to prevent the dog injury, scary. In addition, it is a good way to take it to the countryside to play enough on weekends.

Please note these places:

Restricted area 1 – The car side

A car that is about to start is a danger to a puppy. Small dogs, in particular, approach the car, directly in front or behind, and enter the driver's blind spot. The driver cannot judge the dog's position from the mirror or rearview mirror. In this case, the accident coefficient is very high, and the owner should try to avoid the dog around the car.

Restricted area 2 – Roadside

It is also extremely dangerous to take a walk on the side of a busy road.

Restricted area 3 – More gardens for exits

The garden with many exits and dim lights should treat the dog well, especially the puppy, who is not familiar with the instructions of the owner. When curiosity prevails, it is easy to get lost. They are also difficult to find because of poor visibility.

The place that should notice about walking the dog at night gives everybody brief introduction to arrive here, everybody must not forget to use the reflective material tractive belt or it is a reflective dog vest!

As a leading enterprise in the safety protection industry, we are concerned about the safety of every citizen. A small reflective material brings not only the safety at night but also the attention of every staff in Chinastars.

Reflective Pet Vest

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