Reflective Materials


1.How reflective materials work

Everyone knows that there are diffuse and specular reflections of light, so why would a returning reflective material be able to return light in the same way? In fact, this is mainly due to the high refractive index of glass beads. When a beam of light irradiates the front surface of the microsphere at any angle within a certain range, due to the high refraction of the microsphere, the light is concentrated on the reflection layer of the rear surface of the microsphere, and the reflection layer reflects the light back parallel to the direction of the incident light, forming a regression reflection. When many glass beads reflect light at the same time, a bright scene appears in front of them.

The reflective strips according to different materials can be divided into the reflective ribbon, reflective lattice strip, reflective cloth, reflective strip, and widely used in the reflective vest, reflective work clothing, labor protection clothing, bags, shoes, umbrellas, raincoats and so on.

A reflective patches can be embedded in objects, at night or dark enhance the capacity of the object marked by light irradiation and the object is to form an embedded department, the reflective article includes a reflective and protect parts, wherein the reflective piece is can increase the effect of reflective marking components, the protection has one for and one glance and should know the concept of connection of the embedded, by the department for the reflective parts, the second embedded department can correspond to embed the embedded department, it not only can be easily set up on the object, more do not need to use tools to disassemble freely connected to the object, and easy to replace a new reflective article. The utility model provides a reflective strip which is easy to be replaced and has wide industrial utilization. Reflective strips are common safety devices that reflect ambient light at night, giving warning to pedestrians and drivers.

2.The applications of reflective materials

The application field of reflective materials can be divided into two categories: planned special market and civil market. The planned special market generally refers to the areas where reflective materials must be used in accordance with national laws and regulations, mainly including traffic signs, signage, license plates, reflective signs on car bodies and other traffic safety fields. Warning marks for infrastructure in the communications and power industries. High visibility warning clothing for fire control, road administration, police, safety, and rescue. Civilian market is to point to of all kinds of dress commonly, shoe cap, case bag, billboard wait for a domain. With the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving, reflective materials have been applied more and more in the fields of traffic, fire protection, sanitation, and mining.

3.The development trend of the reflective material industry

First, the technology of reflective materials is developing rapidly. China's reflective material industry technology is gradually improving, and continuous innovation, the whole domestic reflective material industry technology development plays a positive role in promoting.

Second, the market to promote the development of reflective materials industry. As the quality of homebred glance material is better and better, add with the contrast that the glance material with foreign brand high price looks, homebred glance material can recapture the market that is occupied by foreign brand years gradually.

Third, enterprises continue to scale. With the increasing profits of enterprises, the production scale of reflective material enterprises will continue to grow. As the scale grows, the technical force will also grow, and the quality of reflective material will become better, thus forming a virtuous circle.

Fourth, a variety of publicity to promote the development of domestic reflective materials industry. Expand the popularity of products and enterprises through publicity, so that the domestic reflective material industry has a broader prospect.

Fifth, from the private market to civilian market expansion. As the demand for reflective products continues to increase, reflective materials originally used in the field of transportation have begun to expand into the field of personal safety protection, which will greatly promote the development of the civilian use of reflective materials.

Sixth, the development of single functional applications to the combination of functional and epidemic applications, further catering to the daily consumption needs of the masses.

Finally, reflective materials enterprises from manufacturing to security solutions to expand, step by step to provide security product solutions, to give customers more choices, better service.

Reflective Materials

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