Reflective materials make children safer


Ensuring the safety of students' travel and reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents requires the participation of every citizen of the whole society and civilized travel of all people to create a safe traffic environment. Many charity workers come to schools to give their children free safety products with reflective materials. The goal is to make children safer.

I believe that drivers who often drive at night have a profound experience. The reflective signs on the highway are of great help to drive at night. The reflective material allows the driver to shine his eyes and see the road.

It is reported that reflective material basically has to reflective heat transfer film, reflective clothing, reflective ribbon, reflective safety silk fabric. The reflective material used for public security, traffic, sanitation department or field work, the purpose is to ensure safety. But now with the popularization of civilian, many schools in the region have begun to add reflective materials on their school uniforms, which effectively ensures the safety of students' access to and from school.

Facing the increasingly severe road traffic situation, in order to further strengthen the children's road safety awareness, ensure the safety of students' travel. Local education departments have been carrying out traffic safety law education for local students. The charity enterprise, the compassion personage also distributed reflective vests to students.

The safety of children, the future of the country. To strengthen children's own safety awareness, it is not enough to rely on the education of the school, but more importantly, the travel habits in life. Chinastars hopes that parents can teach by example while communicating so that children can develop good traffic safety habits from childhood. Additional also can buy the clothes which sew on reflective fabric, or reflective shoes, reflective hats, reflective bag and so on. Let the reflective materials to eliminate the safety hazards of children travel, eliminate the fear in the hearts of parents, children safer, parents more at ease.

Children love to play and less aware of safety. As a parent, it is urgent to buy a reflective vest while instilling safety knowledge in children. By wearing it, children can be better identified when walking on the road, which greatly increases the driver's vigilance and can effectively prevent accidents. For parents, these special clothes are the embodiment of themselves, protecting their children all the time and taking care of their children's safety.

After summer, the children go out to school at 7 am in the autumn and winter. It is very dark. Many children like to cross the road. Especially on rainy days, the children in primary school are not tall at all, and the car cannot be clearly seen from 10 meters away. There are many safety risks. Here we propose adding safety reflectors to the backpacks of primary and secondary school students, just like traffic police reflective vests, to provide certain safety protection for students to cross the road. This is what one student's parents reflected and suggested in a letter to the government. The letter drew high attention from the government. The government also wants the reflective marker to be included in the national school bag production standard so that every student can buy a school bag with a safety sign.

Recently, we also go to visit some shops and supermarkets, in some supermarkets students supplies shop on see, there are many different kinds of bag style, according to salesperson introduction, reflective bag sell better than the ordinary. The reflective bag also can be divided into two kinds, one kind is sewed on reflective fabric, other is a kind of hot stamping or reflectors (logo and design), a lot of parents are dedicated to bring children such reflective bag of choose and buy.

Why should the bag have reflective material? Originally, the reflective material on the bag as same as the reflective vest worn by traffic police. The reflective materials can make it easier for students on the road to be identified. When students walking on the road with bags on their back, the motorized vehicle lights behind them will shine on the reflective materials, which will send out bright light to alert drivers to pay attention and avoid them in time, which can largely reduce the incidence of accidents.

As a professional manufacturer of reflective fabric in China, Chinastars has been committed to the development and sales of reflective materials and reflective clothing and other products, which have achieved great achievements in the industry.

Reflective materials make children safer

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