Reflective material is the necessary equipment for night running


Modern people become caring more about their health. Most people began to choose to run at night. Although the idea is good, there are security risks cannot be underestimated. Here are a few of the notes of the night running and we all encourage each other:

1. Reflective materials necessary

The biggest threat for night run is hurt by the past vehicle. As we all know, the night car is faster, if you are running at night without enough reflective material to keep visible, it is very dangerous. In addition, do not wear like a ninja. Night coat black is not to be found at night, it is best to wear more brightly colored clothing to make you easy to be found.

2. Run against the road

Wearing reflective vest or reflective tape is to let the vehicle to find us more easily. Take the initiative to avoid vehicles. After all, people who drive at night may themselves have been very tired, find moving targets and respond will become slow, there is a reaction time between the driver found and avoidance.

It is safer to carry a glowing or flashing night-light, a configuration that is more common among cyclists, with no particular emphasis on areas for running. However, in order to safety, wear active glittering flashing lights, sooner or later will become the standard night running.

3. Partner together

In addition, if there are complex sections, you may also face the risk of getting lost, after all, during the day we are familiar with the field of vision, at night it is likely to become unrecognizable. Partner together to help safety. After all, we all wear reflective clothes, more conducive to the driver found.

Reflective material is the necessary equipment for night running

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