Reflective logo on road is important for road safety


People often drive car in the night and the reflective bar on the both sides of the road fence has a good warning role, especially in the absence of streetlights. Reflective logo is essential for the road safety. Recently, in the part of the road to visit the city found that traffic guardrail night reflective logo is not obvious as before. There are many traffic safety risks. Some of the fence is attached with the yellow reflective tape, but covered with a layer of thick dust, into a "gray". It is difficult to find fence because the reflective light is not obvious, and prone to make traffic accidents.

As we all know, reflective products always have bright colors. However, the most important thing is that it can reflect the light through the glass beads in reflective material, thus play a reflective warning role. When driving in the night, if the vehicle to open high beam, the vision is only a vast expanse of white. There will be more insecure risks if the reflective paste is not obvious enough.

Not only the reflective logo on the road, drivers also can keep the reflective logo on the car, it can enhance the visible and keep safer when driving. Pedestrians at night can also carry some small good made by the reflective fabric and tape, used to remind the past vehicles to protect their own safety.

Reflective logo on road is important for road safety

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