Reflective heat transfer vinyl for plotter cutting


Below are some notes for reflective heat transfer vinyl for plotter cutting:

1. Package: 50 meters/roll

2. Comparison for our normal, GD and sticky quality of reflective heat transfer vinyl

Normal: it is normal quality of reflective heat transfer vinyl, it is used for various application including reflective tape, logos etc..

GD quality: GD quality has thicker base plastic layer, which will not curl easily when cutting, and the strength between the plastic layer and glass beads is stronger than normal quality, it makes the logo stay on the vinyl when cutting & peeling, not falling off

Sticky quality: sticky quality has sticky base plastic layer, the sticky layer is thick and the film won't curl easily when cutting. The sticky base makes the logo staying on the layer when cutting & peeling, and peeling mistake could be revised which is very good for thin logos. The sticky layer also could fasten the logo onto reflective fabric which makes heat transfer operation faster and more convenient

3. For non stretch reflective heat transfer vinyl, both plotter and laser cutting are workable, we suggest plotter for better looking and faster working. But for stretch film, we suggest laser because the film is sticky and will stop plotter working

4. For colored reflective heat transfer vinyl, we usually keep stock for black color. For the other colors, we sometimes have stock. The MOQ for new color production is 500 sqm.

5. The full width of our reflective heat transfer film is 110cm. If we could offer 5cm wide to other stripe customers, then we could offer 50cm wide roll; if not, the available size will be 55cm or 110cm.

Reflective heat transfer vinyl for plotter cutting

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