Reflective element assure the safety of riding people


Now on abroad, the requirements of the bicycle are very strict, like the rules for car. In the United States, bike must be equipped with reflective material in the rain. So in China, there are also some traffic rules for bicycle riding.

Public Security Traffic Management Bureau listed a total of 18 items for the bicycle traffic rules and riding standards. (It is still difficult to implement In some cities in China, bike lane is basically considered a parking space), do not drink and drive, do not ride with a cell phone, do not take an umbrella when riding, not random parking, but sub-weight, do not use leveraging, not random chaos parking, regular maintenance. These column items are simple but absolutely true. At the same time, it is best to wear reflective vest when you are riding, the clothes with reflective material can enhance the visibility at night or in the dimly environment and keep you safer. It complies with the above bike traffic rules and it’s basically called a civilized cycling. Since there is traffic laws for bike ride, then there will be punishment for the people who breach of rules, it can be a warning or a fine of 5-50 Yuan if you riding a bicycle violation of traffic safety laws.

So I hope everybody must do a good job protective measure when riding a bike, to comply with rules and riding with traffic safety, civilization.

Try to wear reflective vests or other reflective accessories with reflective tape. This can effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents.

Reflective element assure the safety of riding people

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