Reflective clothing to help you night riding safer


In recent years, "haze" has been surrounded us, our hearts are shrouded in a layer of haze. "Green" and "low carbon “will become a mainstream life of people pursue, cycling is more widely accepted and participation. As more and more people to join the riding, riding safety has become the primary consideration, especially if you choose to ride at night; safety vest will be helpful in this condition. Choose riding at night, there are a variety of reasons, generally can be attributed to two things, one is under passive conditions, such as work days late, needless to say; Second, is the active choice, straightforward to say is hobby.

Because at night, fresh air, but also full of temptation and excitement. But the night-light, low visibility and safe riding is very important. The following lists are a few small series reflective fabric riding tips, I hope to help fans better enjoy the riding life.

First, the car equipped with sufficient illumination of front and rear lights. If the headlights are not bright enough, the ahead road is not easy to identify, cannot be adjusted to respond to the complex road in advance. Mounted rear lights, in order to discover the car behind you to avoid a collision.

Second, wear clothes have reflective properties, such as professional riding reflective vest or clothing with reflective strips. High visibility reflective material can help other passers easier to find you. If in the spring and winter, also need to pay attention to dress warm.

Reflective clothing to help you night riding safer

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