Reflective clothing to ensure traffic police safety


Traffic police are very familiar to motorists. They can be seen at every intersection every day, no matter it is windy and rainy, or hot and cold. The traffic police are always on duty, directing traffic order and ensuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians. However, the road junction is a very dangerous place, with tens of thousands of vehicles passing by the traffic police every day. How to keep the traffic police safety in such a dangerous place? The reflective vest is one of the most important items, a special garment made of reflective materials that can effectively reflect back light rays. Wearing the reflective vest enables the driver to find the target at a distance and effectively ensures the safety of the traffic police.

In the past, the reflective vest only reflected from the front and back, while the side could not reflect. Although it had the effect of protecting the safety, it could not play the largest role in protecting traffic police. When traffic police direct traffic, when its front and back are exactly opposite the red light, the vehicle is prohibited; when side stand, the motor vehicle passes, the side of the reflective vest cannot reflect light at this time, can bring safety hidden danger to traffic police. In addition, with the continuous increase of urban traffic flow, road conditions are increasingly complex, and vehicles are prone to visual dead Angle when turning, a considerable number of first-line traffic policemen are hit by vehicles every year.

In order to protect the personal safety of the traffic police, as well as the complexity of modern road traffic and increasing traffic flow. Yesterday Hangzhou traffic police detachment first issued a new reflective duty uniform for the intersection. New reflective duty uniform for the spring and autumn period, fluorescent yellow very dazzling, like a trench coat, the inner lining for the net. Reflective clothing cannot only better protect traffic police, but also keep a good ventilation effect. On the first day of duty, traffic police in fluorescent yellow new reflective uniforms attracted the attention of passers-by.

The progress of the city is accompanied by the development of traffic, which concerns the safety of the traffic police. As a part of city life, people should obey traffic rules when traveling and drive under the direction of the traffic police. The people work together to create a smooth traffic environment and a harmonious and safe urban atmosphere.

Reflective clothing to ensure traffic police safety

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