Reflective clothing makes children safer


Student as the vulnerable groups in the traffic safety, need the whole society attention. Public security and traffic departments have jointly EDB from time to time give the students' awareness of road safety, and teach children how to more secure at the time of travel. Some children also distributed free reflective stickers, reflective tape remind the vehicle traveling on the road when met the students cross the road, please slow down in advance, timely avoid.

Shorter days and longer night climate is also a traffic accident-prone season, prepare clothes and shoes for the children with reflective material, such as reflective fabric, reflective strips, reflective stickers, a reflective strip can be sewn on school bags or uniforms, under the irradiation of lights, reflective material reflective of the yellow warning quickly so that children can be seen immediately.

In this appeal to the whole society attention to student travel safety, let the positive energy of love, delivered to every corner of the society, to make our city more warm and bright. Let each child the way home no longer have concerns.

Reflective clothing makes children safer

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