Reflective clothes


Reflective clothing refers to the special clothing made of reflective materials as accessories, which has the characteristics of high identification.  It comes in a great many varieties, the main use domain has the police, the traffic, the highway administration, and the assistance manages, the security guard and so on.

1. The role of reflective clothing

Reflective clothing made of reflective materials embedded in the main parts of clothes or vests. It is used for personal safety at night or in bad weather to better protect workers in outdoor work.

2. Classification of reflective clothing

According to the style of reflective clothing divided into reflective vests, reflective T-shirts, reflective coats, reflective pants.

According to the use of reflective clothing is divided into reflective raincoats, sanitation workers reflective clothing, reflective cycling clothing, reflective uniforms, reflective casual clothing, traffic police reflective clothing, outdoor reflective sportswear, reflective labor protection clothing, reflective work clothes, and special industry reflective clothing.

3. Principles of reflective clothing

The reflective part of the reflective garment made by using the advanced technology of focusing and post-processing, which is based on the principle of refraction and the high refractive index of glass beads produced by the micro-rhombus of the crystal lattice. It can reflect the distant direct light back to the luminous place, whether in the day or night has a good reflector optical properties. Especially at night, it can play as high visibility as day. Safety clothing made of this highly visible, the reflective material can be easily spotted by night drivers whether the wearer is in a remote location or in the presence of light or scattered light. The emergence of reflective materials successfully solved the problem of "seeing" and "be seen".

4. Application of reflective clothing

Suitable for road staff, traffic, and road administration departments, road command personnel, police, cleaners and so on. the use of its high reflective warning striking role to protect the safety of personnel.

Now it is spring, the scenery is very good, tempting everyone to go out to play. A few days ago, a primary school in Hangzhou organized a spring outing. The school rented buses without reporting to any competent authorities and organized a group of 586 primary school students to go on a spring outing in 14 vehicles. Eight students were killed and 32 others were injured when one vehicle overturned. While the incident has drawn great attention from all sectors of society, there has also been a heated discussion on whether the spring outing should be organized by the organization. For example, is it necessary to organize a group spring outing? How does education regulation work? How to avoid spring outing accidents? Here are some things you should pay attention to:

1. The choice of destination is important. Student spring outing as far as possible choose attractions concentrated, compact, flat, wide and thin grass Lin thin, streams of light slow, don't organize mountaineering, cliff, rowing high-risk activity, such as general scenic spots have their own security personnel, the school can get in touch with them in advance, in order to get their attention and protection.

2. Organize a spring outing with parents. In some big cities, schools may even invite parents for spring outings if they are worried about their children. School and parents signed a letter of responsibility, spring outing students by parents, parents really cannot accompany, can entrust other students accompanied by parents.

3. Be careful to keep the children safe. If friends or relatives take their children out for fun, it is better to prepare conspicuous reflective clothing for the child and can be on the reflective clothing stitched with the child's name, parents' name, contact phone number, hotel address, and other information cards.

4. Prepare food, water, and medicine. Before you leave, you should prepare some food, drinking water, and common medicine. Wear sneakers or sneakers. Parents should warn and supervise children, do not pick and eat mushrooms, wild vegetables and wild fruits, so as to avoid food poisoning; Do not go to the edge of the rock and other dangerous places to play, so as not to slip down injured; Do not go to the water to play games, swimming is strictly prohibited, to prevent drowning accident.

Spring outing is a happy memory for children. Spring outing is also very beneficial to the growth of students. They can learn a lot of life knowledge while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, and add more colors to the happy childhood life of children. For organizing students' spring outing and other outdoor activities, the key is to standardize and improve safety measures. Only in "outdoor safety knowledge indoctrination" and "reflective clothing and other safety equipment preparation" two aspects "soft and hard", can better, safer organization spring outing, also can better guarantee children have a happy and safe spring outing experience.

Reflective clothes

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