Reflective achievements of the hip-hop cool dream


  Hip-hop, one of the most popular sports of young people, its liberation, madness and coolness make many young people fanatical. Night street dance performances also intensified, stretch the body, uninhibited hair with flash under the light of the clothing with reflective material, to the original corner of the ordinary added a touch of mysterious colors.

  Chinese teenagers first contact with hip-hop is from 80 American film “break dance” on the 20th century and the break dance is now Breaking's predecessor. With the Chinese teenagers understand the depth of hip-hop, they gradually return to the origin of hip-hop with Chinese young people's own vision and characteristics to practice hip-hop. Today's young people on the demand for hip-hop clothing is not just a fluorescent color can be met, 100 meters away will be able to reflect the reflective fabric will be their heart good. It’s not only to play a reflect effect, but also fashionable and beautiful, young people do love!

  At the same time, the choice of clothing is not rigidly adhere to the business of finished products, buy reflective strip, reflective cloth to DIY their clothing is also a popular. But no matter how good the dress cannot grab the style of dance, the two will be able to match the hip-hop more cool and charming. Now when young people do their favorite sports, they will be also caring more about their own safe. Keeping the dress with some reflective material and reflective tape, it’s both beautiful and safe.

Reflective achievements of the hip-hop cool dream

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