Reach your destination safely and relaxed with these tips


Cycling is currently more popular than ever before. In 2018, the United Nations declared June 3rd World Bicycle Day. The aim is to highlight the importance of the bicycle for people's health, quality of life in cities, and global climate protection.

Many people rediscovered the bike for themselves during the Corona crisis - this is a positive development, but the risk of injury on the bike is higher because two-wheelers are on the road without a "crumple zone".

Safety-conscious traffic behavior, consideration, understanding, and respect for and towards cyclists are therefore particularly important!

Whether on the way to work, to the supermarket, or the next destination - with the following tips you are relaxed and safe on two wheels:

- Pay attention to a roadworthy two-wheeler.

- See and be seen: A perfectly functioning lighting system with hub dynamo and LED technology, as well as reflective tapes on clothing and bags, increases safety in road traffic many times over.

- Wear a suitable helmet to protect your head from serious injuries.

- Drive with foresight, always be ready to brake, and pay attention to the blind spot when turning vehicles.

- Make sure that the brake system of the bike is functional.

- Only use lanes that are suitable and approved for bicycles.

- Do not drive around red traffic lights on your bike. This is not only an administrative offense but also harbors a high risk of accidents for cyclists and other road users.

- Get off your bike at pedestrian crossings so that everyone can see them, have priority, and cross them safely.

- In your interest and the safety of others, refrain from alcohol and drugs, including while cycling.

- The use of medication before driving should be discussed with the doctor.

- Do not use the phone while driving. Life is too precious to be compromised by a phone call.

- Refrain from using headphones. By wearing headphones, traffic noises can no longer be heard without interference.

- Always connect the bike to a fixed object with a suitable bike lock - even in bike storage rooms. Only particularly massive padlocks or armored cable locks are suitable.

- To keep the risk of infection from the coronavirus low, avoid traveling in a group.

- Do not stand in groups of people during breaks and keep the minimum distance from others.

Reach your destination safely and relaxed with these tips

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