Rain does not stop the cyclists with reflective raincoat


Rain, as a nemesis of day-riders and long-distance riders, can be seen as a game-challenger for most of the riders. Some cyclists, especially some professional riders love to ride in the rain wearing a vest made of reflective fabric, since the bad weather can display their riding skills better, and the reflective fabric can enable them to be seen earlier.

How to rider in a safer trip? Here are some tips for you:

Time it right: Take your time when riding in the rain. Leave your house or apartment a few minutes earlier, slow down.

Watch carefully: The road will be slick for the first 15 minutes of rain and your brakes will be less responsive. Watch out for metal plates, open-grate bridge decks, painted street surfaces and leaves.

Mind the corner: Slow down before turning and minimize braking when you round a corner.

Be seen: make sure you can be seen. Especially by motorists whose visibility is reduces by the rain. Bright reflective clothing, reflective stickers or other equipment with reflective tape is a must. Turn on both lights.

Waterproof yourself: A sturdy but breathable reflective raincoat and reflective rain pants will make your life easier when riding in the rain. Buy gear with tapes seams and buff your right pant leg to prevent it from getting caught in the chain.

Save your stuff: if buying a new waterproof rack bag or a pair of panniers isn’t in your budget, line your current equipment with trash bags and seal them tight. The contents will stay dry.

In conclusion, It's OK to take a day off from riding if it's raining, but if you're riding in raining or snowing, tries to wear a reflective raincoat and be smile. There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing and a bad attitude.

Rain does not stop the cyclists with reflective raincoat

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