Private company donate reflective vest to Police


Reflective safety vest is for protecting public safety on the road, no matter in daytime or in nighttime. Many traffic accidents happened since the cyclists or motor drivers cannot be seen in dark, and after the car drivers seeing them, there is no time to remedy. However, only a part of people wear safety vest when they are doing outdoor sports or other outdoor activities. In America, only half of the public pay attentions to the significant of wearing safety vest. In some other countries the people can be less, even among Policemen.

For bringing the attention of the public about the significance of reflective vest and safety gears, many companies tries to donate safety vest to the Police, the public, students, etc. Though donations, the companies want more people pay more attention to public safety. As a company producing safety vest and reflective fabric, Chinastars knows part of our duties is to ensure people's safety, we also deem it is necessary to support the public or Police to reduce the rate at which accident occur.

This is a news from Graphic about private company donate reflective vest to Police. The motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Gharna Police Service in Accra received a donation from a private company, which has donated 300 branded reflective vest worth GH¢10,000. The gesture was part of the company's corporate social responsibility to ensure safety in the country.

After receiving the vests, the Director General of the MTTD Deputy Commissioner of Police appreciated the company for the support, adding that the vests would help check indiscipline the resulted in motor accidents. He said the reflective vests would notify drivers of the presence of the Police on the roads and thereby deter drivers and other motorists from committing offences on the road. When the drivers and other motorists see these vests with reflective tape, they will recognize the presence of the police and as such are cautious not to commit deeds that cause accidents.

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