Policeman wear safety vest in accident scene to enhance visibility


With the development of internet, whatever and whenever happened in the world will be known to the people worldwide.

There are lots of accidents happened in US recently. In July 7th 2016, policemen in yellow safety vest killed black men and raised racism problem in US which has been existed for long time since the country established. The white and the black have conflicts all the time. In US, they can go demonstration on the street to defend their rights and against the government when something happened. All the strike and demonstration seems legal in US, and government will also pay special attention to it whenever it happened.

In September, 6 days after “9.11” anti-terrorism day, a big explosion happened in New York on Sep 17, 2016. The man comes from” terroristic organization”, which everyone in the world feel fear when hear about. The President Obama in US gave speech after the accidents in New York City, New Jersey and Minnesota “as Americans, we do not and never will, give in to fear”. Lots of people were hurt in the accident.

For all the news from TV, we can see when accidents happen, all policemen wore high visibility reflective vest, and it will be enhance the survival rate in that place. Fence with reflective tape will keep the place to be isolated. New York police will wear safety vest with “New York” police logo printing front and back, the vest is called ANSI public safety vest. Chinastars has been producing this kind of safety vest and shipping to US markets for over 10 years. If you want to know more about the popular safety garment in US market, please click below our website for reference: www.chinareflective.com”. In the website you can see lots of safety vests, not only for US market but also for worldwide market as well. Also you can see varies of reflective tape to be used on safety clothing.

Policeman wear safety vest in accident scene to enhance visibility

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